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Hi, my name is Amanda Prairiewind Hess and I am the creative force behind EVerything & NOthing.  My education and background are in studio arts and teaching.  Ev&No is an outlet for three of my favorite creative expressions. It is a result of years spent day-dreaming, discussing, designing and making as well as a conceptual entity representative of an all too familiar existential crisis. It has morphed from one form to the next, always a source of inspiration and excitement for me. I am thrilled that you have discovered Ev&No and I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you! All fabric used is 90% American grown/milled organic cotton. My original artwork is manually printed in Santa Cruz, California using non-toxic inks. Metal used is either vintage/re-claimed or recycled and is sourced from an American company who's claims are certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council. Essentially, Ev&No is an extension of myself, something I take great pride in and is my offering to you.